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December 20, 2018

15 important points to consider for a good landing page

  1. Is the business model of your company easy to understand? (Logo & slogan)

  2. Do you highlight texts that are describing the added value of your products/services?

  3. Do you utilize catchy illustrations/videos which are showing your products/services in action?

  4. Does your landing page describe the unique selling proposition (USP) of your products/services?

  5. Did you mention the benefits for your customers in the product/service description?

  6. Did you provide optional information on your landing page as well? Well placed content is very important!

  7. Do you make use of modern marketing methods to increase your conversion rate (discounts, competitions)?

  8. Do you provide reviews for your products/services?

  9. Do you provide enough contact options (phone, email, social platforms, Skype)?
  10. Are your Call to Action (CTA) elements self-explaining and easy to understand?

  11. Do you provide options to test your products/services (demos)?

  12. Did you install a security certificate already (Trusted Shops etc.)?

  13. Are the facts that you have listed bullet proof?

  14. Do you use graphical objects to highlight your CTA elements?

  15. Do you provide a short registration process that is easy to understand?