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December 20, 2018

5 rules to increase trust in your website

A website that is trustworthy is the foundation on which your online business stands. The following recommendations shall help you to increase the trust in your website:
  1. Make sure that your website will be easy to remember. Utilize elements that users can emotionally relate to (normally pictures and videos). However, you should also use repetitive elements that are targeting the subconsciousness of your users (e.g. catchy slogans).

  2. Cross check your websites for mistakes and let your friends and colleagues review it. Only if you control enough it can be guaranteed that your website will look professional.

  3. Always be honest towards your customers and keep your pricing transparent. Do not hide extra costs by not mentioning them, or by adding them only in the last step of the checkout process.

  4. Explain the added value of your products and/or services in a simple way. What benefits to they offer, which problems do they solve and what is your target group? Be very clear in your messages towards your audience.

  5. Make use of independent tools that will all your customers to rate your products and/or services. React to positive and negative comments alike and show your audience that you are willing to interact with them. Moreover, feedback will help you to continuously improve.