Interface reduction ensures more success for your company.

We cannot leave the source code to you!

There is no documentation!

This is outside our area of responsibility!

Have you already heard one or more of these sentences? You’re not alone in this! Many companies are not sufficiently supported by their service providers in the digitisation process and some service providers even exploit their information advantage over their customers. This often leads to the fact that the work performed is not transparent (often due to a lack of documentation) and support services are only insufficiently guaranteed. In addition, there are almost only specialists on the market who are usually not in a position to grasp challenges in the company holistically. Often there is a lack of advice in advance and it is simply carried out, or the other way around: after the advice the service providers are often gone.

NXI solves these problems!

As a business integrator, we accompany you through the complete implementation of your projects. We are at your side from the very beginning and help to set up projects based on your individual company situation already in the conception phase. As soon as it goes into development, we are available to you as a solution partner and take responsibility for bringing your projects to a successful conclusion. Of course, we will continue to support you after project completion, with service & support and thus remain permanently at your side.

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