Platform concept

Feasibility study of a digital trading platform for aircraft spare parts

NXI was commissioned by a customer to develop a concept for a trading platform for aircraft spare parts
UI/UX design with Photoshop and click dummy creation in Invision
NXI has provided the customer with a feasibility study and a development roadmap

In the next 10 years, the market for aircraft spare parts will break through the 100 billion mark (Statista). The relevance of this segment for the aviation industry is continuously increasing. At the same time, there is a lack of general infrastructure, especially in the digital sector. Most companies active in this market have already realised that there is a need for digitisation, but cannot find the correct access. There are existing software solutions on the market, but these do not seem to offer enough space for individual business processes of the respective companies. NXI was commissioned with a feasibility study because the customer was interested in a new platform solution for this market.


The great challenge for the implementation of the portal would be the provision of documentation. For understandable reasons, aviation is subject to strong regulations and therefore the history of each spare part must be clearly traceable and thus documented. Our solution is based on the basic functions of well-known trading platforms, but also offers the possibility of uploading specific documentation.


The platform should be used by both sellers and buyers as a single point of contact. Therefore, NXI has created a buyer cockpit & a seller cockpit user profile to demonstrate the different and modular administration options. Especially the sales cockpit had to be well thought out because we had to provide a simple way to upload documentation, integrate metrics and exchange data with any ERP via API.

KPI measurement

We help the customer to evaluate his own data so that future decisions can be made on the basis of a large knowledge database.


We periodically optimize the concept for the customer and illustrate different application scenarios.


We advise the customer strategically and support him in the market and competition analysis.