Successful takeover of a legacy online shop and implementation of online marketing


Take-over of an existing webshop including code analysis, setup of a release pipeline and server relocation. Transfer to continuous operation.


PrestaShop + Wordpress Hybrid in combination with individual modules for imports and exports from the customer's ERP (Microsoft Navision).


Strategic consulting and redesign of the shop as well as the integration of tracking for Google Ads and the support of online marketing.

RAMPA is your professional partner for connection technology. The high-quality joints in wood, metal and plastic provide the necessary stability and permanent load-bearing capacity for a wide range of constructions. As a C-parts supplier, they reliably supply customers with fasteners and fixing elements for wood applications, e.g. threaded sleeves, threaded inserts, screw-in nuts and flat-head screws.

The customer already had a webshop (PrestaShop + WordPress) which is connected to the ERP (Microsoft Navision) via individually developed modules. In consultation with the customer, we developed a takeover plan for the web shop.

Test environment and preparation

A test server has been set upt and a source code analysis. Custome modules, which were not fully documented, as well as external interfaces were first encapsulated and tested. Code repositories, Jira (project management environment), a release pipeline and Confluence for project documentation were set up. The first phase was concluded with several tests in the test system.

Productive environment and steps after productive operation

After the tests were successful, the server and domain relocation were prepared. The interfaces were tested for connectivity and several test scenarios were run. Following the successful move, the first Change Request Tickets were handed over and processed. The interaction between ERP as the leading system and the online shop is regularly expanded in order to reduce the administration effort on the part of the customer.

The next step was the redesign of the online shop and the company website of RAMPA. Measures were adopted that have a positive effect on the user experience when shopping online and integrate state-of-the-art structures and processes that are indispensable for a high-performance online shop. Read more about our services in the area of webshops.

In addition, we advise our clients strategically on the expansion of digital sales channels as well as branding and, above all, online marketing. The analysis of the Google Ads account as well as the integration of the Google Tag Manager and the implementation of performance-based tracking of search engine advertising was carried out by NXI as a business integrator. The online marketing campaigns are recreated according to a granular approach, the account and the bidder strategy are reset and all ad groups are continuously optimized for maximum performance. Learn more about our services in the field of Search Engine Advertising.

Since the successful takeover of the company's webshop and website we have been supporting RAMPA with hosting and maintenance.
Change requests and further developments of the shop are continuously and effectively implemented via tickets.
Online marketing
Online marketing and reliable tracking are implemented and continuously expanded and optimized.