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We develop innovation programs for companies, organize tech shows and get involved in design thinking processes together with you.

With NXI on board, you get a competent partner when it comes to managing your company’s ideas and innovations without losing sight of your day-to-day business.


Ask the right questions at the right time and perform an analysis away from superficial symptoms. This provides a holistic overview of the problem area.


This is about seeing real people acting in real situations. A deep understanding of the users and target customers and their view of the problem is developed. In this way, preferences, dislikes and needs can be derived.


Together, we filter the findings into patterns with the greatest distribution. This approach creates prototypical users and target customers and helps to shape the appropriate “persona”.


Based on problem and persona, we guide you into the solution process. We are looking for different and above all courageous ideas – the more the better!


We will show you how a simple prototype can be created and implemented quickly from an abstract idea. To become concrete means to make decisions, which our team often makes daily together with our customers. The result is a prototype that can be presented to third parties and tested together.


This is where the identified personas come into play. By means of prototype tests, previously undiscovered needs and wishes can be identified and previous approaches can be validated.

With NXI as your business integrator, the steps described above are only the beginning of an innovative journey. There are no limits to an iteration of your prototype or a further development via an MVP up to long-term support.

You want to rethink your business model, create an innovative product or ignite an innovative fire?

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