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Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, are measures that help you to be found at the top of organic search engine rankings in order to generate higher numbers of clicks.

SEO is not only reduced to Google, but includes all common term, service and product search engines or portals such as Bing, Yandex, Wolframalpha, or Amazon, Ebay, Trivago etc. With the simple integration of Google Analytics (or other marketing tools) into your website, you can measure the following important indicators, among others:

  • Average length of stay
  • Page visits, Conversion and bounce rates
  • Keyword performance
  • Conversion costs

Search engine optimization is essentially differentiated between OnPage and OffPage optimization.

OnPage Optimization

As the name suggests, OnPage optimization is all about making any adjustments to your site. The OnPage optimization consists of different components, which in turn can be subdivided into different topics. Briefly summarized it can be divided into 5 sections:

  • Content
  • Media
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Internal links
  • Meta Tags

  • OffPage Optimization

    In contrast to OnPage Optimization, OffPage Optimization improves the reputation of your website through so-called backlinks. These links refer from other sites to your own, in order to increase the relevance in the above-mentioned search engines. Both quantitative and qualitative factors must be taken into account. As many backlinks as possible have to be generated, which at the same time have to be of high quality. This is guaranteed by backlinks generated e.g. by related websites and the positioning of the links on the respective websites. However, link building must not be done too quickly, because this is recognized by search engine algorithms and sanctioned by poorer ranking.

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