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Social networks offer you several areas of application. You use it for advertisement, present your company to a large public, recruit staff, conduct market research and use it for customer service.

The most common platforms are Linkedin, instagram, Facebook, Xing, Twitter & Youtube. There are still many companies that completely elude this topic, although there is a lot of potential. It is important to define company goals and an appropriate strategy so that it becomes clear which channels must be used, because not every social network is suitable for all companies equally.

NXI develops and implements individual Social Media Marketing (SMM) plans with its customers. Usually it is not enough to publish a paid post or to work with the same campaign composition of images, text and targeting. On social media channels, a holistic strategy is paired with a granular campaign approach and many different components crucial for the success of advertising in social media. .

The “offline” expertise of our customers is very important for us, because it helps with strategy development significantly. Contact us and receive a non-binding SMM checkup to find out how well you are already positioned and which potentials can still be awakened.

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